Why Complete Commercial Services?

Most customer complaints in commercial cleaning are very predictable and arise from a lack of attention to detail. Common problem areas, for example, are surfaces beyond a person’s reach such as high corners, and ledges, low corners and ledges, under desks, ceiling vents, light fixtures etc. Does your current cleaning service have a plan to address these areas of your building on a regular basis?

Other problems can occur when the areas of your facility that require special attention are consistently neglected. Fabric furniture needs to be vacuumed regularly; door jams need to be detailed, and walls and baseboards need to be cleaned on a schedule in order to maintain a professional appearance. Do you know how often these areas of your building are currently being cleaned?

Certain parts of your building simply require more attention than others. For example, restrooms demand more time and a higher level of expertise to ensure that they are a safe, clean, sanitary environment for the people that use them. Other areas of the building such as lobbies require greater attention and care because of the impact they have on the property. First impressions are very important to your tenants, customers and anybody who is a guest at your facility.

Without a well thought out, documented approach, how does your cleaning service manage the work load in order to ensure that these critical parts of your building will be cleaned and maintained on a consistent basis. The truth is, most cleaning companies address these areas of your building in an inconsistent manner which results in problems.

Complete Commercial Services‘ unique approach to cleaning ensures that all areas of your building are consistently cleaned to a high standard. Our Complete Cleaning Solution, a two team approach, puts in place a plan for your facility that is unmatched and has set a new standard in commercial cleaning. Thank you for considering Complete Commercial Services. We hope for the opportunity to earn your business.

Dana Geving, President
Complete Commercial Services

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